Sewage Ejection Pump Repair in Pflugerville, TX

Repair Your Failing Sewage Ejection Pump

Your sewage ejection pump operates a lot like a garbage disposal but for your home’s wastewater.

If your garbage disposal fails, your sink gets backed up. If your sewage ejection pump fails, you have the potential for a costly sewer spill.

Call Real World Plumbing Solutions if your sewage ejection pump:

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    Leaks water

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    Stops working

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    Turns on too often

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    Smells bad

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    Works slowly

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    Makes strange noises

If we can catch the issues early enough, there’s a good chance we can repair your sewage ejection pump instead of replacing it.

Real World Plumbing Solutions recommends getting your sewage ejection pump inspected annually to catch problems while they’re smaller fixes.

Replace Your Old Sewage Ejection Pump

A sewage ejection pump has an average useful life of approximately ten years.

If your sewage ejection pump is more than a decade old, replacement tends to be a better option than repair.

Let Real World Plumbing Solutions replace your sewage ejection pump if you notice low water pressure or sewage leaks.

If your home has intermittent power outages, that can damage your sewage ejection pump as well.

If you use water during a power outage, your sewage ejection pump usually gets burned out and can’t return to normal water levels.

If you aren’t sure whether repair or replacement is your best option, contact Real World Plumbing Solutions, and we’ll come take a look.

Contact Real World Plumbing Solutions About Pressure Testing

A failing sewage ejection pump is a sewer leak waiting to happen.

Get ahead of a potentially major repair bill by having Real World Plumbing Solutions service your sewage ejection  pump.

If you can’t fix your current pump, we handle sewage ejection pump replacement in the Pflugerville, TX, area as well. Call for a service appointment today.